Arlington Man Killed In Bridge Accident in Salado, Texas

Investigators say the semi-truck that caused Thursday's fatal bridge crash in Salado, TX measures about a foot taller than the posted clearance.
The motorist who died is 32-year-old Clark Davis, from Arlington. He leaves behind a girlfriend and their child. He was driving at the time when the beams collapsed on him.
Texas DPS Trooper Harpin Myers tells News 8 the truck's height measures 14 feet, 7 inches, which might be slightly higher due to impact. The clearance was posted at 13 feet, 6 inches.
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says that the truck, owned by Lares Trucking of Crowley, did not have an over-height permit and therefore should not have been on Interstate 35. A permit allows oversize vehicles to be on the road and detour around low bridges. "Based on a review of our records as well as the inspection report issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the motor carrier that struck the bridge did not have the legally required permit to carry an over-height load," said Adam Shaivitz of Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, according to the Star-Telegram.
Permits for oversize and overweight loads aren't unusual.
In 2014, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Motor Carrier Division issued 836,259 permits — up from 590,980 in 2011 — for everything from cylindrical bales of hay to ready-mixed concrete trucks. But the overwhelming majority of permits — 532,479 in 2014 — were issued in the general category.
Besides general, permits for height can include cranes, exempt, implement of husbandry, manufactured housing, super heavy, water well drilling and related, well service unit and multi-state western regional.
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